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The S'golth-class was an Elachi escort starship in service during the early 25th century. Its design is reminiscent of the Elachi starship from the 22nd century. (STO mission: "Virinat, Invaded")


In January 2409, an S'golth-class escort loomed over the Romulan Virinat colony, unleashing drones and Elachi walkers upon the settlement. (STO mission: "Virinat, Invaded") A similar attack befell the Crateris colony weeks later. (STO mission: "Crossroads at Crateris")

Elachi escorts concealed Tal Shiar warbirds during a conference in the Khitomer system. (STO mission: "Turning Point")

As the Elachi became more proactive, ships of this class attacked Romulan colonies in the Alpha Centauri sector block. (STO mission: "Last Stand") S'golth-class escorts participated in the attack on Rhi. (STO mission: "Best Defense")

When the Romulan Republic went on the offensive against the Elachi, the Romulan Republican Forces captured the S'golth-class escort designated "Target Alpha" and use it to infiltrate the Elachi Base in subspace. (STO missions: "Turnabout", "Devil's Choice"). Following the destruction of the base, ships of this class participate in the Battle of New Romulus. (STO mission: "Devil's Choice")

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Starship classes of the Elachi
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