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S'harien Station, also known as Dimorus Space Station, was an outpost of the Romulan Star Empire that orbited Dimorus II in the Iota Pavonis sector block. The facility was active by the early 25th century and was the site of Romulan experimentation in Borg technology. By 2409, it was under the oversight of Commander T'Vrea and held several Romulan Bird-of-Prey along with Mogai-class escorts which included the IRW Bloodfire and IRW Elieth. In addition, the station was the site of prototype vessels developed from Borg technology which included the IRW Esemar, IRW Taseiv and the IRW Tyrava. The outpost was attacked by Starfleet in 2409 who succeeded in destroying the Borg technology though the station itself was not destroyed in the assault. (STO mission: "S'harien's Swords")

The station is seemingly named after S'harien.
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