S.D. (Stephani Danelle) Perry writes novels in numerous franchises including Star Trek, Resident Evil, Aliens and Xena. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, two sons and dog.

She is the daughter of science fiction author Steve Perry.

Star Trek BibliographyEdit

Title Series Format Collaborator Published Image
The Lives of Dax

Sins of the Mother
Deep Space Nine short story -- December 1999 LivesofDax
The Lives of Dax

Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor
Deep Space Nine short story with Robert Simpson December 1999 LivesofDax
Avatar, Book One Deep Space Nine novel -- May 2001 Avatar1
Avatar, Book Two Deep Space Nine novel -- May 2001 Avatar2
Section 31

The Original Series novel -- July 2001 Cloak
Rising Son Deep Space Nine novel -- January 2003 RisingSon
Unity Deep Space Nine novel -- Hardcover:
November 2003

December 2004
Star Trek: Terok Nor

Night of the Wolves
Deep Space Nine novel Britta Dennison May 2008 Night of the Wolves
Star Trek: Terok Nor

Dawn of the Eagles
Deep Space Nine novel Britta Dennison June 2008 Dawn of the Eagles
Inception The Original Series novel Britta Dennison Fabruary 2010 Inception


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