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The SS Dakota was a Federation freighter operating in the late 23rd century. It carried only one warp nacelle.

The SS Dakota struck a mine and was severely damaged and adrift. Unfortunately, it drifted into Romulan space. The USS Hunley came to assist but Aventeer Vokar, commander of the Daami, saw this as a treaty violation and opened fire on both vessels. Fortunately, all 39 members of the Dakota crew were beamed onto the Hunley before Dakota was destroyed by the Daami. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)


Ships named Dakota
Federation, Starfleet SS Dakota (freighter)USS Dakota (NX-91211, Dakota-class)see also: Dakota-class Ufp-emblem Starfleet Command logo
Terran Empire, Starfleet
(mirror universe)
ISS Dakota (NCC-1805-C, Miranda-class)ISS Dakota (NCC-74606, Dakota-class) TerranEmpire

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