The SS Tullahoma was a Federation-registered civilian freighter with a crew compliment of approximately 40 personnel in the late 24th century. She was designed to transport perishable goods across interstellar distances, and had a rated cruising speed of warp six.

In August 2382, the Tullahoma became the inadvertent subject of a plot by Romulan Imperial Fleet Commander Marius of the IRW Dekkona to lure the Federation starship USS Aventine away from her mission along the Federation-Breen border. She had departed from Nashira five days previously with foodstuffs and medicine bound for the Cardassian Union when the Dekkona transmitted a false distress signal using her name out of a region near the Black Cluster. When the Aventine arrived to investigate, the Dekkona, the IRW Terrinex, and the IRW Kytonis decloaked in an attempt to force the Aventine's surrender. The Aventine subsequently departed when five Klingon Defense Force ships decloaked to aid her; the Tullahoma had remained unharmed throughout the entire incident. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Zero Sum Game)