A comic strip following the crew of the USS Enterprise after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

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THE OMNIMIND is a machine intelligence that turning the people of this planet into cyborgs.The ENTERPRISE after being attacked by a klingon ship investigates and find the crew of the Klingon turned into cyborgs and try to stop the omnimind who meanwhile has captured a security officer MARASHA LATHAM and by scanning her body constructs a android duplicate but KIRK tricks it into a fit of anger allowing him to destroy it.A hologram appears its human creator regrets building the omnimind as a way to ensure immortality but frees the inhabitants and
Star Trek 11-55S (3)

latham is being prepared for duplication

Star Trek 11-56D (3)

kirk and company search for latham

Star Trek 11-63S (3)

omnimind building her body

Star Trek 11-65D (3)

finally all is ready

Star Trek 11-71S (3)

marsha is safe and omnimind destroys itself

Latham scanned


Star Trek 11-55S

being carried by the machines

Star Trek 11-55S (5)

she is separated

Star Trek 11-55S (4)

stripped of her clothes

Star Trek 11-55S (2)

and placed in the scanning unit

Star Trek 11-71S

umeki finds her alive

destroying itself

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