Saad was a male humanoid native of an unnamed planet, and a leader of the Jabari guerrilla forces against the Kornak Armed Forces. Prior to this, he had been the subject of medical experimentation conducted by Doctor Idit Kahayn, having been believed to be a "universal DNA donor," whose DNA could have been the key to prevent artificial transplant rejections. Instead of submitting to this, he escaped and joined the Jabari.

In 2376, after Doctor Elizabeth Lense was stranded on his world, she was captured as a Jabari prisoner and brought to Saad. Though he suspected her claims of being a native of the planet, Saad allowed her to give medical aid to his injured fighters. He became impressed by her dedication, and the two eventually became romantically involved.

Two months after Lense's capture, Saad planned a raid of the Kornak's Rangdron Medical Complex, where he had learned from a sympathizer, Major Arin, that Julian Bashir was being held, and was to be subjected to medical experiments. Though Bashir was saved in this raid, Saad was captured after the two Starfleet officers were unexpectedly beamed away. Saad then was once again subjected to Kornak experimentation.

Following her rescue from the planet, Lense discovered that she was pregnant with Saad's child. (SCE eBooks: Wounds, Book 1, Wounds, Book 2)

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