Sabbath Nile was a Bactrican Third bonded to members of the Bactrican royal family. When the rest of her Triad was killed in a Tzenkethi attack, Nile was expected to follow tradition and commit suicide. Instead, she fled to Pelios Station, where she took work as an Empath mime, and was befriended by Federation Ambassador Curzon Dax.

Considered an abomination for her actions, Nile was the target of a murder attempt by a member of the Bactrican council. Though she was uninjured, the attack killed a member of the Azziz visiting aboard the station. Because of the interdependent nature of the Azziz, this death left them unable to return home. Nile sacrificed herself to join the Azziz, integrating herself into the Azziz's organic ship in order to make it operational. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "The Music Between the Notes")

Sabbath Nile is intended to be the dancer mentioned in DS9 episode: "Children of Time", whom Sisko knew on Pelios Station.

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