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Poised on the verge of interstellar war, Captain Kirk's last best hope that the Federation can stop the Klingons is the people of Organia, avowed pacifists.

Forced to disguise themselves as interstellar traders, Captain Kirk and Mister Spock are trapped on the primitive world of Organia as Klingon Defense Forces occupy the planet. Determined to make the Organians see that they need not bow to oppression, the Starfleet officers sabotage Klingon materiel. In retaliation, the Klingon captain, Kor, executes many Organians. Unconcerned, the Council of Elders begs Kirk and Spock to stop the violence.

While in deep space the forces of Starfleet and the Klingon Empire scramble to position their fleets for the first onslaught of what could be a long and deadly war.


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AyelborneElana BastielliRichard BastielliClaymareDanielsMatthew DeckerGeorge DeeksDennFarenFrallFrancisMichael FullerGiottoAdam JawerKangKarelJames T. Kirk/BaronerKolothKorKrannKressKatherine LeiMaraMcCalmonLeonard McCoyMogaveroOlgaDavid ParmetLeslie ParrishQovadQuatrocchiMontgomery ScottHerbert SolowSpockHikaru SuluTaghTrefayneNyota UhuraVan KalmthoutKenneth WescottRobert WesleyPatrick West, Jr.Patrick West, Sr.White
Referenced only 
AndrewsKell/Jon AndersonDurasBenjamin FinneyRobert FoxSam FullerStephen GarrovickGarth of IzarRobert JustmanKahless the UnforgettableJohn KyleGary MitchellNogura

Starships and vehiclesEdit

SS Antares (cargo ship) • IKS CharghUSS Constellation (Constitution-class) • USS ConstitutionIKS D'k Tahg (D-7 warship) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • IKS FangGalileo (shuttlecraft) • Icarus-classKlingon troop carrierIKS KlothosUSS LexingtonIKS Mek'leth (K'tinga-class) • Miranda-classpersonal weapons platform
Referenced only 
USS EndeavourUSS ExeterUSS FarragutUSS RepublictaxiUSS Yorkshire


Chandra IVChandra systemEarthFederation-Klingon Neutral ZoneFederation sensor stationGolden Gate BridgeOrganiaOrganian systemPalais de la ConcordeParisSan FranciscoSol systemStarfleet Command Headquarters
Referenced only 
ArmeniaAustraliaAxanarBelgiumCestus IIIEnglandGre'thorJanus IVLynwood IVMediterranean SeaQo'noSStarbase 42System 1324System 7348Tantalus V

Races and culturesEdit

ChandranHuman (FilipinoHawaiianIrishScottish) • KlingonOrganianVulcan
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Anti-Federation LeagueFederationFederation Diplomatic CorpsHouse of GorkonKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilOrganian Council of EldersStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet IntelligenceUnit XY-75847

Ranks and titlesEdit

accountantadministratoradmiralambassadorbartendercadetcaptaincartographerchief engineerchief of securitycommandercommodorecommunications officercopilotdiplomatdoctorengineerensignfirst officergunnerlieutenantmerchantminerMinister of BuildingpilotPresident of the United Federation of Planetssecretarysmugglersoldierspytactical officerxeno-analystyeoman

Other referencesEdit

13th century1571airlockalienamoebaanimalantigravity repulsorarrowartificial gravityasteroidasteroid beltautomated droneBarge of the Deadbaseball batbatteryBattle of AxanarBattle of Donatu VBattle of LepantoBattle of OrganiaBattle of Starbase 42Blade of the Bat'lethbloodbridgebriefing roombrigcalendarcameracaptain's logcastleClass Mcockpitcolonycommunicatorcomputercryptographydaggerdata discdata readerdeflector screendilithiumdisruptor cannondisruptord'k tahgdungeonEartherFederation-Klingon Cold Warfield medical kitfirst contactflanngaghgalaxyglassesgoldGreat Bird of the Galaxyhangarhelmhonorhornethullhumanoidinsectintercominterference fieldironkevakilometerklaxonknifeKobayashi Maru simulationlanding partylaser pistolnickelmagnetic repulsormetermind-meldmind-siftermoneymountainmunitions dumpnerve pinchneural neutralizerOort cloudoreoxoxygenozonepaddperfumephaserphaser riflephoton torpedopincer formationplanetplasma grenadepregnancyPrime DirectivepsychologyqelI'qamramred alertRichter Scale of CultureRomulan WarsatelliteSaurian brandyscannersensorsheepshieldshuttlebaysickbayslaverysonic grenadespace stationspearstabilizerstretchersubspacesunswordtargthrustertigertomatotorchtorpedotractor beamtransparent aluminumtranspondertransportertreetrefoiltricordertrilliumturboliftType-1 phaserType-2 phaseruniversevegetableviewscreenwagonwar gamewarp nacellewarp reactorwolfwood


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