Sal was a 23rd century Human male. By the 2250s, Sal was the proprietor of Velluto's restaurant, located in the Nob Hill district of San Francisco. Sal was an energetic and attentive host who often dashed from table to table to ensure that his guests were being well taken care of. Sal also had a knack in remembering many of his guests and even their favorite dishes, years after their last visit.

In the early 2250s, Sal became friendly with Starfleet cadets, James T. Kirk and Gary Mitchell, who visited Velluto's every Sunday night. During this time, Sal became attracted to a female guest who frequently visited the restaurant and sat under the mural of Positano. By the 2260s, he had finally plucked up the courage to ask her out and they had married.

Sal met Kirk for the first time in ten years in late 2265, when he and Leonard McCoy visited the restaurant. Even after a decade, Sal still remembered that Kirk was fond of the veal saltimbocca and tiramisu. After asking Kirk about his career he asked about Mitchell and was informed of his death, leading him to reminisce about Mitchell and sending a bottle of Chateau Picard over so that his friends could toast to Mitchell's memory. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Enterprise)

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