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Salad is a balanced serving of food, usually made with vegetables and other ingredients in a loose mixture. The healthiest salads are those with leafy vegetables although many variations could include beans, meats and eggs. Salads are usually served with a dressing of some sort, a sauce that complements the flavor.

In 2268, Nurse Christine Chapel lost some weight after going on a diet which included eating a lot of salads. (TOS novel: Cloak)

Nyota Uhura and Jabilo M'Benga attended a Starfleet celebration of Christmas shortly after the USS Enterprise's five-year mission ended, and one of the foods M'Benga chose from the buffet was a salad of marinated asparagus, water buffalo cheese and smoked artichoke. (TOS novel: Traitor Winds)

Captain Rachel Garrett enjoyed a sandwich and salad for her lunch-time meal. (ST short story: "Hour of Fire")

A Delta Quadrant salad of horva greens and kanda root was created by Neelix in the USS Voyager mess hall. (VOY short story: "Ambassador at Large")

Salads with Andorian tuber root or Denuvian sprigs were served aboard USS Titan. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)

Types of saladEdit


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