Commander Salatrel was a female Romulan who was a member of House Chironsala and was the grand daughter of Keras.


Salatrel engaged in an alliance with a faction of the Borg Collective who assimilated her lover to serve as Speaker of the Borg Collective. Using their joint operations, she engaged her plan of reanimating the remains of Captain James T. Kirk in order to destroy him as well as destroy the Federation.

After Kirk's return from the dead, she would employ deception to convince Kirk that he was a loyal Romulan citizen whose wife and children were massacred by Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard. She would also attempt to seduce him in order to convince him of this role.

Her suspicions of the Borg acting with the Federation to destroy the Romulan Empire would take hold of her during the latter stages of her plan which resulted in her attacking Starfleet forces and ended with her death.


Salatrel was completely dedicated in her goal of destroying Captain James T. Kirk who she blamed for her families disgrace at the Battle of Icarus IV. As such, she was considered a rogue officer who had no connections to the Imperial Armada.

She commanded a fleet of ships loyal to her which she stationed at the Dante Base; an asteroid base located within the Dante Field.

(TOS novel: The Return)

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Its possible she was the daughter of Jannek or perhaps one of his siblings.

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