Salaya was a settlement on the planet Remus and was situated in the Goreb continent.

Located in the middle of the Northern Woodlands, Salaya was the largest of the Zelvorian ruins that existed on the world. This former city was destroyed by Romulan foot soldiers nearly two thousand years ago and the former city was left to rot over the millennium. Romulan scholars began excavations at Salaya where they uncovered as well as restored what were once large and majestic Zelvorian buildings. This gave the Romulans a new sense of appreciation for the once proud Reman subjects.

Even by later years, excavations continued at Salaya and it was believed to take centuries to completely excavate the large ruin completely. Some Romulans also held suspicions that small groups of Zelvorians snuck into the ruins at night in order to worship at the crumble temples or peak at the worn carvings of their ancestors. There were also some reports of a more sinister purpose to these quiet journeys into Salay with the rumor that the Zelvorians were seeking something but what this object or datum was remained uncertain. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

The information from this RPG source contradicts canon elements from the movie which showed that Remus was a lifeless inhospitable world with no mention of a race called the Zelvorians. It's possible the Zelvorian's were conquered on another planet and a city was was made on Remus or it's possible that the city was made by the mutated Remans.

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