The Samsar class was a Kobali Tier 6 cruiser starship class that entered service in 2410. The Kobali made the ship available for its Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic allies of the Delta Alliance. A Samsar-class cruiser had a price of 1.000 anniversary Q-mendations. (STO video game: Delta Rising)


In the early 25th century, Kobali starships were known for their exceptional ability to provide support to their Delta Alliance partners in large-scale starship combat. The Samsar-class cruiser was a durable tier 6 cruiser outfitted to perform the role of a mobile command center. Two innovative features of the Samsar class included the regenerative structural integrity field console, and a Kobali field stabilizing Mk XII warp core. The console could be retrofitted onto any other starship, and the warp core's potential increased by using it in tandem with other Kobali-designed equipment. Such a set included a deflector, deflector shields, and impulse engines.

The Samsar-class cruiser was available to commanding officers with a minimum rank of vice admiral or its equivalent. The crew complement topped at 650. Eight weapon emplacements, four front- and aft-facing each, were pre-equipped with standard energy weapons and torpedo launchers but open to customization.


The cruiser's bridge featured five bridge officer stations for one tactical officer (ranked lieutenant or lower), one combined command division/engineering lieutenant commander, one engineer commander, one science officer (lt. commander) and one ensign seat of any division. In addition, the ship had room for three tactical and science consoles each, and five engineering consoles.

The regenerative integrity field console provided a large hull regeneration that improved hull strength. This console was universal and could be equipped on any of a starship's available console slots.

Warp coreEdit

The standard equipment of a Samsar-class cruiser included a Kobali field-stabilizing warp-core Mk XII. Because warp cores could not be equipped on Romulan warbirds, the Kobali offered singularity core counterparts to Romulan Republican Force officers. The warp cores could work in tandem with other equipment of the so-called Kobali regenerative circuitry set. The core was able to increase shield power by a maximum of five points.

Starship traitEdit

Starship traits were technological enhancements unique to tier 6 starships. The Samsar-class cruiser's starship trait was emergency response, which reduced special power recharge times by 10% when the ship's hull integrity fell below 50%. The trait could only be triggered every four seconds.


Samsar bow and stern

Bow and stern of the Samsar-class cruiser.

The Samsar-class cruiser was developed on and launched from Kobali Prime, the adopted homeworld of the Kobali people, in 2410. The Kobali sold the ship to Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force and Romulan Republican Force personnel for a price of 1.000 anniversary Q-mendations, a currency invented by q. (STO video game: Delta Rising anniversary event)

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