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Sandra Vallis was a female Human from Mariposa, a clone of Mariposan Progenitor Vallis. Sandra Vallis was a physician, and was one of the strongest supporters of the creation of a United Ficus Colony when the Bringloidi were introduced into Mariposan society in 2365. She also did extensive research into to the Mariposans' infertility issues, and secretly attempted to create a genetically engineered strain of the rop'ngor virus which would help in this effort. During this project, she took on a young Bringloidi woman, Kara McClay, as her assistant, entrusting her with all her research. Tragically, Vallis was killed in 2376, after McClay tried to sabotage her work, and accidentally released a deadly mutation of the virus. (SCE eBook: Out of the Cocoon)

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