Sanir Kein was a Cardassian military officer during the 2360s.

In 2362, Kein was serving as the chief engineer aboard the CDS Rekkel when it was attacked by Talarian raiders and the ship's commander was killed. She then allowed Laen Enkoa to take control of the ship and supported him while he was in command by saving the ship. Enkoa was then promoted to dal and given command of the CDS Lakar while Kein was only given a citation and made Enkoa's executive officer - Kein was very bitter about this, believing she deserved a command of her own, but she remained silent. Afterwards Enkoa attacked Setlik III, then was stripped of rank, leading to Kein's promotion to the rank of dal and her receiving command of the Lakar. (ST novella: The Slow Knife)


CDS Rekkel personnel
ArlalLaen EnkoaSanir KeinMeka Tunol CardassianUnion
CDS Lakar personnel
Laen EnkoaSanir KeinLleyeTelso CardassianUnion

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