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Introduction (blurb)Edit

From the back cover: Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, is dying, and Spock returns to the planet Vulcan, where he and Sarek enjoy a rare moment of rapprochement. But just as his wife's illness grows worse, duty calls Sarek away - once again sowing the seeds of conflict between father and son. Yet soon Sarek and Spock must put aside their differences and work together to foil a far reaching plot to destroy the Federation - a plot that Sarek has seen in the making for nearly his entire career.

The epic story will take the crew of the USS Enterprise to the heart of the Klingon Empire, where Captain Kirk's last surviving relative has become a pawn in a battle to divide the Federation...and conquer it. With Sarek's help, the crew of the Enterprise learns that all is not as it seems. Before they can prevent the Federation's destruction, the crew must see the face of their hidden enemy - an enemy more insidious and more dangerous than any they have faced before...




AzetburDarovAmanda GraysonIndunaKamaragKargKerazJames T. KirkPeter KirkLeonard McCoyPoldarRa-ghoratreiiSarekSavelWilliam SmillieSoranSpockSurevTarynLisa TennantT'MalGordon TwelvetreesValdyrWurrl
Referenced only 
BurtonLance CartwrightChangZefram CochraneGorkonIdotaNanclusSeklaSelekSenkarSolkarSurakSybokT'LarT'LyraT'PringT'ReaTreegorValerisPatrick West

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • ChR Shardarr (Romulan bird-of-prey) • Zephyr (freighter)


40 Eridani ACharisDeneb IVDu'HurghEarth (San Francisco) • KaduraNeutral ZoneNevasaPlains of GolQo'noSTengchaH JavT'RukhT'RukhemaiVulcan
Referenced only 
Camp KhitomerKenya

Races and culturesEdit

DeltanEfrosianFreelanHuman (AfricanLakota) • KlingonRomulanVulcan

States and organizationsEdit

Federation Security CouncilFederation Security OfficeFederation Security ServiceKeep Earth Human LeagueStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet SecurityUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan Science Academy

Other referencesEdit

BondingDarlavian crystalHigh MasterKhitomer ConferenceKobayashi Maru scenariolanka-garMasters of Golpon farrTaka mothMessage Padtekla woodtoriatalT'Relan Award for Excellence in TeachingThe True History of VulcanStylusMessage Pad VadiVadia-lyaValit


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The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2293.
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