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Sarpedion V

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Sarpedion V is a planet in the Cardassian Union. It is the headquarters of the Twelfth Order and of the most heavily fortified locations in the Alpha Quadrant.

When Legate Korven arrived on Sarpedion V he took command of the Twelfth Order, a lowly regarded garrison, and turned it into one of the most effective of the Cardassian Guard. (DS9 novel: Cardassia: The Lotus Flower)

During the Dominion War, Chancellor Gowron planned to attack Sarpedion V. He planned to have General Martok take fifteen Vor'cha-class ships in to soften the planet's defenses, although Martok pointed out that this would barely scratch them. Ultimately, the fortified planet was not attacked, as Commander Worf challenged Gowron, killed him in ritual combat and made Martok Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. (DS9 episode: "Tacking Into the Wind")


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