Savaaroa sh'Nuillan was an Andorian shen alive in the 24th century. By 2385 she was middle aged. sh'Nuillan and her bond mate of Ramasanar ch'Nuillan were part of a shelthreth with a thaan and zhen who were both considerably younger.

sh'Nuillan, ch'Nuillan, and the other members of their shelthreth were enjoying an outdoor ice rink in the Norwegian city of Tromsø when Deanna Troi and her daughter Natasha visited the rink. One of the guards - Sholun - reacted badly to the presence of Troi and her daughter and frightened the young child. At that point ch'Nuillan intervened and admonished Sholun for frightening Natasha.

ch'Nuillan then introduced sh'Nuillan to Natasha and Troi. sh'Nuillan remarked how at ease Natasha seemed to be on the ice, and with Troi's permission moved off to show her some steps while Troi talked to ch'Nuillan. ch'Nuillan remarked how much sh'Nuillan loved children and how their shelthreth had been trying for some time to conceive a child, without success. ch'Nuillan hoped that with recent events they would have more luck in having a child.

Later following the rescue of Doctor Julian Bashir when the USS Lionheart arrived at Andor sh'Nuillan met Bashir aboard the Lionheart and escorted him to meet the Parliament Andoria. (ST novel: The Poisoned Chalice)