Savaj was a male Vulcan who lived in the 23rd century.

His previous Vulcan background was largely unknown as it was protected by Vulcan privacy. What was known that he was appointed as a Starfleet Admiral after Vulcan's entry into the United Federation of Planets. It was largely assumed that his previous record was commensurate with his recommended rank and later exploits. He eventually became Fleet Commander of all Vulcan wing of Starfleet with his primary responsibility covering Vulcan exploration ships. His actions led to the discovery of 32% of the known galaxy. Savaj was largely known as a scientist of galactic renowned in half a dozen fields with the medical discoveries that were credited to him being responsible for saving millions of lives. He later was known to had taught at Starfleet Academy, on Vulcan and rarely on Earth where he was given the nickname "Ironpants" by cadets though this was never told to him. Savaj also received scientific honors from every top award with Starfleet citations as well as medals and also wrote the book on alien communications with the first lingua code development and even the basis for the universal translator work being attributed to him. The last ten years of his records were essentially blank.

His exploits led him to becoming a legend within Starfleet who set the mold for future officers with him becoming even a hero to James T. Kirk. By the mid 23rd century, none had heard from Savaj for years except for some easy decisions made in the admiralty during the early years of the USS Enterprise's first five year mission. On 2274, he came aboard the USS Enterprise where he enacted the Rule of Seven which removed Captain Kirk from command, reducing him to first officer and seeing the ascent of Spock to commanding officer. (TOS novel: The Prometheus Design)

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