Savonigar was a male Nausicaan who lived in the 24th century. He was known for being an atypical Nausicaan, and would never become excitable or irritable. Unlike others of his race, he would never draw his dagger if someone insulted him, instead killing the individual later. Among his peers on Nausicaa, he was known as "Venolar" ("snowblood").

When Savonigar reached the Age of Majority, he joined the Nausicaan military. He learned much while serving, but later left and became a bounty hunter, although not for money, glory or for sadism, as Savonigar considered himself a professional.

In 2376, Savonigar was hired by Iliana Ghemor as one of several mercenaries she wanted to kill the Iliana Ghemor who had come from the mirror universe to Harkoum. Knowing that the alternate Ghemor would eventually come to Grennokar, Ghemor's base, Savonigar erected a camouflage netting nearby and waited. As he predicted, the mirror universe Ghemor arrived at Grennokar in early 2377. Savonigar was about to fire at her with his pulse rifle, when the sonic boom of the arriving IKS noH'pach shook the ground and threw up a cloud of dust, forcing him to pursue Ghemor on foot.

Savonigar later began to fight Ghemor with blades, although they both lost them as the battle went on. Savonigar managed to critically injure Ghemor, but was also severely injured himself. Knowing he had been bested, Savonigar told Ghemor where she would get the equipment to heal herself in his pack. Ghemor also had respect for Savonigar and used a hypospray to hasten his death. Savonigar believed in deities called the Four Winds and felt his tegol soar to the Heart of the Sky as he died. (DS9 novel: Warpath)