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"Sawbones" was an informal term for a doctor originating on Earth in the 19th century, referring to a surgeon's common need to cut through the bones of a patient.

Though considered archaic by the 23rd century, the term was still occasionally used, as when Dr. Ezekiel Fisher accused his colleague Jabilo M'Benga of abandoning him on Vanguard "to be a sawbones on a starship." (VAN novel: Harbinger)

The term also survived in the language of Sigma Iotia II, due to the influence of a 20th century Terran book on their culture. Iotian Makk Vinx once called Dr. Sarjenka "sawbones". (TOS episode: "A Piece of the Action", CoE eBook: Turn the Page)

This is the real-world origin of Leonard McCoy's nickname "Bones" in Star Trek: The Original Series, though it was never made explicit on-screen, and a wholly different origin is presented in Star Trek.

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