The Science Ministry was an agency of the Terran Empire of the Mirror universe and was headed by a Minister. Its mission was co-opting valuable research as well as cracking down on dangerous projects or companies. Its cruel nature meant that it cared little for the well being of their test subjects as it was primarily focused on getting results.

This division was known to make use of spies to infiltrate the Chronowerx Corporation in order to locate old manuals written by Henry Starling in order to break the companies hold over the computer industry. They also maintained a cluster of research bases on Rigel XII which was patrolled by Security teams that watched over the scientists stationed at these facilities. One of the greatest accomplishments of the Science Ministry was the capture of the incorporeal Organian species after they attempted to forcibly impose a treaty between the Terran Empire and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and were involved in studying these energy based beings in order to decipher their powers or simply use them as energy sources.

The Ministry was responsible for control over the Massachusetts Science Ministry Institute of Technology and Enterprise. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

Known PersonnellEdit

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