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Log entriesEdit

  • Captain's personal log, supplemental 
    Victoria Leigh and I have left the Enterprise to complete the trip to Pilkor Three...
    ... Where I, as her 'husband', will begin our search for links between Tred's death and possiblle Pilkoran cooperation with the Romulans.
  • Captain's personal log... 
    En route to rendezvous with Enterprise...




James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyHikaru SuluMontgomery ScottPavel ChekovNyota Uhura


Victoria LeighPitkemeniNina PopovLeetaPitkemeni

Starships & VehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise-A

Locations Edit

Pilkor Three

Races & CulturesEdit

States & OrganizationsEdit

Science & TechnologyEdit

Ranks & TitlesEdit

Other referencesEdit




previous comic:
#26: Where There's a Will
Star Trek: The Original Series
(DC Comics, Series Two)
next comic:
#28: Truth or Treachery

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Secrets article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

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