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Seeker was a prominent news magazine on Trill in the late 24th century.

Sometime prior to 2375, Seeker published a major expose on the Orion Syndicate by reporter Ozla Graniv, leading to a number of high-profile arrests. As a result, Graniv was awarded a Gavlin and promoted to Seeker's Palais correspondent, covering the events of the Federation government from Earth and participating in the daily press briefings. (TNG novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)

In 2379, Seeker reporter Vara Tal was killed in a terrorist attack while reporting from the war-torn planet Tezwa. Veteran reporter Baleeza Gral was assigned to replace Tal, but found the conditions there so terrible that he decided to retire, after a career that lasted 250 years with three Trill hosts. In early 2380, Graniv volunteered to cover Tezwa. By October of 2380, Seeker was prepared to publish evidence Graniv that uncovered of at least two major governmental conspiracies: one in which former Federation President Min Zife secretly armed Tezwa with nadion-pulse cannons in violation of the Khitomer Accords, and one in which Starfleet Admiral William Ross forced Zife out of office at gunpoint. At the last minute, a deal was reached with President Nanietta Bacco for the magazine not to publish the stories in exchange for Ross' retirement from Starfleet and government service. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

In 2386, Graniv interviewed Julian Bashir and Sarina Douglas for Seeker. (ST - Section 31 novel: Disavowed)

Seeker personnelEdit

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