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A self-sealing stem bolt.

Self-sealing stem bolts are a basic component of reverse-ratcheting routing planers. (DS9 episodes: "Progress", "Prophet Motive")

They consist of 80% mixed duranium, aluminum, and steel alloys, 11% electrically modulated ceramic, and 9% thermally stabilized plastic.

The USS Rio Grande once lost power near a white dwarf star, although Miles O'Brien used a self-sealing stem bolt as part of his repair tools. (DS9 - Section 31 novel: Abyss)

In 2369, Nog and Jake Sisko obtained self-sealing stembolts from a Lissepian captain in exchange for yamok sauce. They later traded the stem bolts to Sirco Ch'Ano for seven tessipates of land. (DS9 episode: "Progress")

In 2370, Nog claimed to Quark that he and Jake would soon take possesion of more self-sealing stem bolts and pursuaded him to issue them credit for food based on the deal. (DS9 novel: Cardassian Imps)

On stardate 48601.5, Quark bought a glerint of stem bolts from Flem in a Giffla-37XZ container. Their declared value at Tzenkethi customs was 14,203.567 Claws or 22 bars, 10 strips, 75 slips of gold-pressed latinum. The stem bolts left on the Tzenkethi freighter !!iikb& a'na 21, but ended up in the Oort cloud of the Aeolian system. Quark arranged for an Alpha Centaurian freighter, Vilossia Twilight, to pick up a glerint of bolts from Starbase 247 on stardate 48607.0 and take them to Starbase 201. Instead they were transferred to the Wings of Morning. (DS9 - Strange New Worlds VII short story: "Infinite Bureaucracy")

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