Selina Rosen was a Human female who lived in the 22nd century serving as an ambassador to the United Earth and later the Federation Diplomatic Corps.


After the Earth-Romulan War ended in 2160, Rosen was one of the diplomats who negotiated the peace agreement with the Romulan Star Empire over subspace. Over several years she secretly kept in contact with her Romulan counterpart, D'tran. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)

In 2164, she represented the United Earth at the ambassadorial conference on Babel Station regarding Rigel's and Vega IX's admission into the United Federation of Planets. She strongly supported the admission, and tried to calm the various representatives after the unsuccessful assassination attempt against Federation Councillor Anlenthoris ch'Vhendreni and the subsequent framing of Admiral Jonathan Archer. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

She kept an extensive collection of printed books and hand-written records, as she hated computers. After her death, she bestowed her journals and notes, on which she had stored the codes allowing her to secretly communicate with D'tran, to one of her colleagues and friend, fellow diplomat, Ambassador Jetanien. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)