Selveth was a female Romulan who lived in the 24th century. She was a member of the Tal Shiar.

In 2371, Selveth served as the navigator of the IRW Serrola on the mission to eradicate the Founders of the Dominion. Despite her mistrust of Cardassians, Selveth set aside her feelings for the mission. (ST CCG: Deep Space Nine)

After it was revealed they had attacked an empty planet, Selveth was shocked to detect one hundred and fifty Jem'Hadar warships heading towards the fleet from the Omarion Nebula. Selveth would later report the losses the fleet was taking to Enabran Tain and Lovok. When the Serrola was itself attacked, damaged and destroyed, Selveth may have been killed. (DS9 episode: "The Die is Cast")

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