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Sem'hal stew was a common type of food, a stew, that was enjoyed by Cardassians.

A Cardassian restaurant on Raknal V made a Sem'hal stew which was made from local vegetables. Whenever Corbin Entek visited his Raknal V apartment, he would often visit the nearby restaurant and sample their "fine" Sem'hal stew. (ST - The Lost Era novel: The Art of the Impossible)

Sem'hal stew with yamok sauce was a favorite meal of Aamin Marritza. (DS9 episode: "Duet")

After escaping execution at the hand of the Jem'Hadar by hiding in a crawlspace in 2375, Sakal Damar smelled his mother's sem'hal stew in the kitchen when he emerged. (DS9 short story: "An Errant Breeze")

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