The Senbolma was an experimental spaceship designed and built by the Pevvni. It was constructed to be able to operate independent of Ganitriul, the artificial intelligence who controlled most of the technical functions of Eerlikka society, including space flight between the planet Eerlik and the Pevvni colony on the system's ninth planet. The Senbolma was owned and operated by Emarur.

In 2376, the existence of the Senbolma was revealed to the government of Eerlik, and justified by citing the possibility of increasing dealing with the Federation and others beyond their system. In fact, the vessel was built as part of a plot by Pevvni Purists to destroy Ganitriul. When Ganitriul first began to malfunction, First Speaker Ansed hired the vessel in order to travel from Brioni Port to the moon and investigate the problem. She was assassinated en route by Purist leader Undlar. (SCE eBook: Fatal Error)

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