Seng was a Trill woman who lived on the planet Trill in the 24th century. She had at least two children, a son Dapo, and a daughter Dula.

In early October 2376, Seng took her children to the Najana Library in Leran Manev. While they were inside, a riot broke out on the streets outside, instigated by a neo-Purist radical group. Seng got Dapo and Dula outside and tried to get them home but they were caught up in the crowds where they were sprayed with an anesthezine-containing crowd-control gas. Both Seng and Dapo had allergic reactions to the gas but managed to get to Manev Central Hospital, however, they were turned away. Dapo thought this was because Seng wasn't joined to a symbiont.

A little while later, they were found by Doctor Julian Bashir and Asal, a Trill police officer. Bashir treated Seng and Dapo with lectrazine and Seng told them that she'd heard people in the crowd talking about bombs that would target the joined. (DS9 - Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel: Trill: Unjoined)

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