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Senjin was a male Tomol living on the island of Suba on the planet Arethusa in the late 2260s.


In the year 2269, Senjin was one of a dozen Wardens who confronted the Changed Nimur after she had returned from the Caves of the Shepherds to her village. When Nimur's mate Kerlo tried to intervene he rebuffed him, only to be turned himself by Nimur and then asking her if he should kill Kerlo quickly or slowly and painfully. (Seekers novel: Second Nature)

Later, he was among the Changed who were beamed up to the Klingon bird-of-prey IKS Homghor. When that ship was shot down he survived the crash, but was killed in the subsequent orbital bombardment by the Federation Starfleet starship USS Endeavour. (Seekers novels: Second Nature, Point of Divergence)


Changed Tomol

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