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The sensor log is a log recorded by various sensors on starships, space stations, probes and more. The log can be re-examined at a later time.

Starfleet Intelligence agents Bridget McLellan and Cervantes Quinn were sent on a mission to the Gorn Hegemony controlled planet of Tzoryp in the year 2268. There, they were instructed to copy the sensor logs from the Orion freighter Treana onto a data card. Before they could complete the mission, the Treana was destroyed by Goloth, a Klingon Imperial Intelligence agent. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

In 2375, Tuvok was reviewing the sensor logs of the USS Voyager warp field to find out why the ship had been struck by mines. (VOY - Distant Shores short story: "The Secret Heart of Zolaluz")

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