The Sentry Coalition was a state located in the Beta Quadrant that was founded thousands of years ago by the artificial Sentry civilization, long before the Federation took shape. (TTN novel: Synthesis)


The Sentry Coalition was founded by the FirstGen, the primary series, in order to effectively combat the threat of the Null in their sector of space. (TTN novel: Synthesis)


The Sentries possess a light speed democracy. Their main authority that exists is the Governance Kernel, which is mostly composed of series and intelligences from the FirstGen.

Foreign AffairsEdit

The Sentries Coalition are apparently no strangers to alien or organic life. However due to their one-tracked mind-set of containing the Null, and the lack of advanced technological civilizations in their vicinity, the Sentries have mostly ignored the local races in their corner of space, instead devoting all resources to military affairs rather than opening diplomatic channels. (TTN novel: Synthesis)



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