The Senuta were a humanoid spacefaring race native to the Beta Quadrant. They were characterized by their slight stature (average 1.5 meters), pale colored skin and hair, and iridescent blue eyes.

The Senuta were a technologically advanced race, which relied heavily on their computers and automation, generally comparable to Earth in the early 23rd century.

The Senuta made first contact with the United Federation of Planets in 2376, when a Senuta ship's ion drive malfunctioned following an encounter with an ion storm, sending the ship uncontrollably (and undetected) across Klingon space into the Alpha Quadrant. The ship was halted by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team aboard the USS da Vinci, and the survivors taken aboard. Gabriel Marshall of the Federation Diplomatic Corps was assigned to help repatriate these Senuta, and to establish diplomatic relations with their government. (SCE eBook: Foundations)

Known SenutaEdit

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