September is the ninth month of the Human year.

Events by DayEdit

September 1

In 2331, Miles O'Brien is born in Dublin on Earth (DS9 episode Whispers).

September 2

In 2122, Malcolm Reed is born in England on Earth. (ENT episode: "Silent Enemy").

September 14

In 2245, Pavel Chekov is born in Leningrad on Earth. (TOS movie: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

September 30

In 2376, Kira Nerys is given full command of Deep Space Nine and USS Defiant (NX-74205) (II) (DS9 novel Unity).

Other EventsEdit

  • On September 11, 2001, the United States of America was attacked by terrorists using hijacked airliners. Close to 3,000 people were killed in the attacks.


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