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Seven Deadly Sins is a Star Trek prose anthology published by Pocket Books in March 2010. The book contains seven novellas, each exploring a major culture in Star Trek through the theme of the "seven deadly sins".

Publisher's descriptionEdit

From the back cover
The Seven Deadly Sins delineate the path to a person’s downfall, the surest way to achieve eternal damnation. But there is a way out, a way to reclaim salvation: blame it on the demons—taunting you, daring you to embrace these sins—and you shall be free. The painful truth is that these impulses live inside all of us, inside all sentient beings. But alas, one person’s sin may be another being’s virtue.
The pride of the Romulan Empire is laid bare in "The First Peer," by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.
A Ferengi is measured by his acquisition of profit. "Reservoir Ferengi," by David A. McIntee, depicts the greed that drives that need.
The Cardassians live in a resource-poor system, surrounded by neighbors who have much more. The envy at the heart of Cardassian drive is "The Slow Knife," by James Swallow.
The Klingons have tried since the time of Kahless to harness their wrath with an honor code, but they haven’t done so, as evidenced in "The Unhappy Ones," by Keith R.A. DeCandido.
Humans' darkest impulses run free in the Mirror Universe. "Freedom Angst," by Britta Burdett Dennison, illustrates the lust that drives many there.
The Borg's desire to add to their perfection is gluttonous and deadly in "Revenant," by Marc D. Giller.
To be a Pakled is to live to up to the ideal of sloth in "Work Is Hard," by Greg Cox.


2369 (though it should be 2366, based on dialog in "Crossover"

Benjamin Sisko works as a debt collector and enforcer for Cardassian interests, under the authority of his father-in-law. Uncomfortable using violence against those “clients” who can’t pay, he has his friend Janel Tigan doctor his records. His scheme works too well, though, as he attracts the attention of the Intendant. Kira offers him his own ship and crew, and some degree of freedom. His practically estranged wife, Jennifer, opposes her husband’s relocation, saying that her well-placed father can use his influence to prevent the move. He unconvincingly insists that he’s not interested. Sisko is sent to collect a debt from the crippled Kornelius Yates, cared for by his sister Kasidy. He makes a connection with her and the two are intimate, but she’s unable to pay, and the next time Sisko is sent there, his partner kills Kornelius. Janel tries to blackmail Sisko into their own intimate connection, but is rejected. When Sisko tells his father-in-law that he’s not sure Janel can be trusted, the elder man sees to it that Janel disappears. When the hitman, Thadial Bokar, also considers blackmailing Sisko, Ben kills him. Unnerved by his infidelity, his involvement in two murders, and the disappearance of Jennifer’s father, Sisko is summoned by Kira, who offers to make all of his troubles go away. She lends Sisko a shuttle for the day as an extra incentive, and he tries to evacuate Kasidy before another enforcer comes calling, but finds that she’s been taken away by the Cardassians. Sisko returns to Kira and accepts her offer on the spot. She has him pleasure her half a dozen times before revealing that Jennifer already knows about, and has been covering, his forged business records and his complicity in the murders. He realizes how completely he’s been played and has no choice but to accept his new life, without Jennifer and at the beck and call of the Intendant. Ben and Jennifer part on bad terms, and it is later suspected that Ezri Tigan killed Jennifer’s father as payback for the murder of Janel.

Janel’s death here contradicts events in Saturn’s Children.


Seven Deadly Sins solicitation

Solicitation cover

  • The book was first announced for release in August 2009, but was later delayed and pushed back to March 2010.


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