Seven of Nine's sphere was a Borg starship, a sphere in service to the Borg Cooperative in the 2410s decade. It was used by Seven of Nine when she acted as liaison between the Cooperative and the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "Borg Disconnected")


By the year 2410, Seven of Nine traveled on the sphere to a unimatrix of the Borg Collective, where the Borg Queen was routing disconnected Borg to re-assimilate them. In this instance, Seven spoke for the Cooperative and asked a five-ship flotilla of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance to prevent the re-assimilation. Seven's sphere was unable to remain behind and assist because of the risk of re-assimilation.

Both the Undine and Voth entered the fray to combat the Borg, the AQA, and each other. The conflict culminated in a four-way battle between the Borg Queen's octahedron, the AQA task force, and the Voth Citadel-class and Undine Tethys-class dreadnoughts. After the AQA had vanquished the three dreadnoughts, Seven returned to congratulate the task force and assured their commanding officers that the newly liberated Borg drones would be offered to join the Borg Cooperative but not compelled to do so. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "Borg Disconnected")




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