Shaniq was a male Klingon alive in the 24th century. A onetime member of the Klingon Defense Force, he had risen to the rank of General some time before 2385.

Shaniq was a rival of General and later Chancellor Martok. While he would obey the orders of the Chancellor, he only did so grudgingly. Due to the amount of time Shaniq spent working with Imperial Intelligence he gained a great deal of power. Shaniq made it a practice to cut his arm with his d'k tahg every time someone under his command died - by 2385 his arms had a great many scars due to the number of men and women who died carrying out his orders.

In September 2385, President Pro-Tempore of the United Federation of Planets Baras Rodirya's Chief of staff Galif jav Velk approached Shaniq to help hunt down the late President Nanietta Bacco's assassins. Shaniq sent a team of Klingons in pursuit, however that team was killed after falling into a trap set by the Cardassian True Way operatives they had been pursuing. At that point Shaniq decided that he would not have any more Klingon blood spilled hunting Bacco's assassins, and told his adjutant to tell Velk that the Bajoran would have to take care of the matter himself. In response Velk and Starfleet Ground Forces Lieutenant Colonel Jan Kincade formed a team called Active Four to pursue the assassins themselves.

Later Velk worked with Shaniq and mercenaries under his command to set up a covert prison on Nydak II in order to house the Cardassian prisoners that Active Four had captured. That facility was later destroyed by Klingon forces sent by the Chancellor due to it being an affront to their honor. Chancellor Martok then set to work purging the Imperial government of Shaniq and the others who had been working against him. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)