The later edition of this book used the title Federation Ship Recognition Manual.

First edition contentsEdit


Starships and vehiclesEdit

Bader-class scoutConstitution-class cruiserC'Laih-class long-range shuttleDerf-class tenderEnterprise-class cruiserexplorerKarekh-class small explorerLoknar-class frigateMission-class courierUSS Reliant (Miranda-class Reliant-subclass cruiser) • Sunshine-class passenger liner


the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants 
Earth (Sol system)

Shipboard areasEdit

bridgecargo bayRoyal Suite

States and organizationsEdit

A'Alakor Landiss IncorporatedAntares Liners IncorporatedFederationKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireM'Yengh Yards Ltd.Rakala Industries IncorporatedS'Lek VarienStarfleet

Races and culturesEdit


Technology and weaponsEdit

deflector shieldimpulse engineprimary hullsensorstarshipphaserphaser bankphaser emitterphoton torpedotorpedo launchertractor beamtransporterwarp drivewarp nacelle

Other referencesEdit

creditgalaxygamblinghumanoidlifeformmetermetric tonplanetpiracyraces and culturesregistrySagan Awardsciencespacestandard cargo unitstarstar systemtechnologytonuniversewarp speedweapon



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