The Ships of the Line calendar for 2004. All the images from this year's calendar were later printed in the Ships of the Line book.


The USS Enterprise-A and an Excelsior-class starship confronting a trio of K't'inga-class ships. The Ships of the Line books describes these events as the Battle of Sigma Draconis.
The Enterprise (NX-01) under construction.
The USS Enterprise and USS Lexington meeting in an asteroid field. The Ships of the Line book states that the two vessels are on a covert mission for Starfleet Intelligence.
The USS Enterprise and USS Constellation engaging the Doomsday machine. (TOS episode: "The Doomsday Machine")
The Delta Flyer approaching the USS Voyager.
The USS Enterprise at the heart of V'Ger. (TOS movie: The Motion Picture)
The Enterprise NX-01 under the eyes of a pair of Romulan Birds-of-Prey in the midst of a minefield. (ENT episode: "Minefield")
An EV suited team on the hull of the Enterprise NX-01 under the watchful gaze of Captain Archer in an Inspection Pod.
The USS Voyager flying low over a turbulent ocean.
  • August: Home Again, by Koji Kuramura
A Shuttlepod returning to the Enterprise NX-01.
The USS Enterprise-E in orbit over Romulus. (TNG movie: Nemesis)
  • October: The Rock and the Hardplace, by Koji Kuramura
The Enterprise NX-01 holding off war between the Andorians and Vulcans (ENT episode: "Cease Fire")
  • November: Making for Deep Water, by Doug Drexler
The USS Enterprise-D and an Excelsior-class vessel in orbit over a watery planet. The Ships of the Line book states the starbase in orbit of the pictured planet is Starbase 29.
  • December: A World to Win. An Empire to Build, by Daren Dochterman
The USS Enterprise and SS Botany Bay over Ceti Alpha V. (TOS episode: "Space Seed")


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