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The Ships of the Line calendar for 2016.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

A longtime favorite among hardcore Trekkers and sci-fi fans, Star Trek: Ships of the Line 2016 Wall Calendar is a unique collectors addition celebrating the landmark 50th anniversary and gives aficionados something they cannot get elsewhere - spectacular original illustrations showcasing the franchise's most famous starships and vessels.


Cropped version of the March image.
The Constitution-class USS Enterprise and an Ambassador-class starship in close proximity to a star.
The refit USS Enterprise keeping station next to a drydock containing the USS Endeavour.
The Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D in a planetary system launching shuttlecraft from its main shuttlebay.
The USS Veracruz in orbit of a planet.
This image also includes a small panel containing orthographic views of the ship and the artist's signature.
The USS Enterprise-E orbiting a planet, with the shuttlecraft Argo on approach.
The Enterprise NX-01 flying alongside a comet.
The shuttlecraft Galileo launching from the USS Enterprise, in drydock above Earth.
The USS Columbia (as an original design) passing by a planet and a space station made of repurposed starship secondary hulls.
The USS Enterprise-D and a Klingon Vor'cha-class starship in orbit around a planet.
A fleet of Romulan D'deridex-class and Valdore-class warbirds approach a planet.
An alternate USS Enterprise-F in a nebula.
A D'deridex-class warbird firing its main disruptor cannon.
The USS Defiant pursues a damaged Borg cube.



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