Shiri Rond was a female Bajoran individual living in the 24th century.

Shiri was born during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor era, and found herself suspected to be among the ranks of the Shakaar Resistance Cell by a prominent Cardassian general, Gul Trelar. To this end, Shiri was brought to Terok Nor by Security Chief Odo on suspicion of terrorism.

Shiri was placed in a lineup in front of Trelar, alongside Darb Chalmon and Kira Nerys. When Trelar tired of questioning the trio, he decided to summarily execute one for the crime being investigated. Trelar chose Kira, and tried to restrain her. Darb fought back against Trelar's assault on his friend, and was killed by Trelar's disruptor.

Trelar did not forget Shiri Rond, however. Years later, he made Shiri his second wife, and she accompanied him back to Cardassia after the withdrawal of the Cardassian Union from Bajor. (DS9 comic: "Old Wounds")