The Shisali were a species with a greeting that was different than what others would say, such as a simple "hello". This greeting would be difficult to translate, even with a universal translator, if one did not know what words to look for.

Hoshi Sato was having difficulty translating the greeting that the Shisali sent in photonic symbols from their possible homeworld to the Enterprise. It wasn't until Travis Mayweather accidentally helped her with a reference to his past that she was able to figure out the grammar and translated the message: "You are not in space. You are in the home of the Shisali, assurely as if your feet touched our soil. May our hands and our voices welcome you to all we have to offer." From what the message states, they appear to be a hospitable and friendly species. Jonathan Archer permitted for Hoshi to send a message back accordingly. (ENT short story: "You Are Not in Space")

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