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Novelization of the two-part episode.


From the back cover 
The Starship Enterprise (NX-01) has carried its crew farther into the reaches of space than any human has ever traveled. Commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, they have charted new stars, explored planets, and made first contact with many alien races.
The Paraagan deep-space colony was just another first contact, unusual in only two aspects: it was a matriarchal society, and the atmosphere was filled with a highly volatile gas. But the officers of Enterprise knew how to handle the shuttlepod, and they understood the Paraagan landing protocols. As the shuttlepod descended, they closed the plasma vents, certain that nothing could escape and ignite the gas.
Thirty-six hundred colonists were vaporized in the blast. Every building, every living thing, everything on the surface was destroyed in the fireball. Could the Enterprise crew have caused the destruction?
Recalled, Archer knows that the Vulcan High Command has convinced Starfleet of what they have long insisted. Humans are not ready for deep-space exploration.
But these were not the events as history recorded them. No one died. Enterprise was never recalled. This is the startling information offered by the mysterious Crewman Daniels--who claims to be from the thirty-first century and a foot soldier in the Temporal Cold War. Archer sets out to prove Enterprise's innocence. But time is a swiftly moving river in whose deadly rapids Enterprise is caught. Is there really anything they can do?



Jonathan ArcherElizabeth CutlerDanielsMaxwell ForrestJ. KellyTravis MayweatherPhloxPorthosRaanMalcolm ReedMichael RostovHoshi SatoSilikSovalT'PolCharles Tucker IIIMarcus Williams
Referenced only 
Henry ArcherMandai BaatlChefZefram CochraneLeonardo da VinciDanikFraddockBenjamin FranklinMaagla FremaaFullerGratJeffriesKeylaKlaangKlevDaavico LoagSagenTaylorH.G. WellsOrville WrightWilbur Wright

Starships and vehiclesEdit

D'KyrEnterprise (NX-01) (NX-class) • Shuttlepod 1Shuttlepod 2Suliban Cell-shipSuliban Stealth Cruiser


AustraliaBrazilDetention Complex Twenty-SixEarthEarth Starfleet SpacedockEast AfricaEmbarcaderoHellLunaNew SausalitoParaagan IIParaagan Northern CoastParaagan Southern DesertQo'noSRisaSan FranciscoSan Francisco BaySuliban HelixTandar PrimeVulcan CompoundZefram Cochrane Elementary School

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Command CouncilEarth StarfleetInterspecies Medical ExchangeRomulan Star EmpireStarfleet Design CenterSuliban CabalUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan High CommandVulcan Science Directorate

Other referencesEdit

angelbaseballbeeBiblebicyclebiobedboomerboro-carbonbread puddingchamelionchickencoffeecombcommunicatorcopperdisruptorDNAdogeggEnglishflashlightgazellegrapplerGreat Plume of AgosoriaGreekhookhorseshoehyposprayIndustrial Ageinspection podLatinlinelockermag-lockmothballnight-lightoilorange juicepajamaPlanet of the Apesplasma exhaustquantum beaconquantum discriminatorrobescannersinkerStatue of Libertystun grenadeSuliban data disktanktopTechnological AgeTemporal Cold WarTemporal Observatorytetrazineuniformwater polo


31st century



Novelization imagesEdit

Episode imagesEdit


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published order
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Two Days and Two Nights
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chronological order
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Carbon Creek
The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2152.
The Pocket Books Timeline places events from this story in four other timeframes:
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Egg Drop Soup
Chapter 6
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Chapter 16
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Vox Sola
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Personal Log
31st century Next Adventure:
The Law of Averages

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