The Shran-class was a type of Andorian Empire starship, a battlecruiser in Andorian Imperial Guard service in the 24th century. The Shran class carried a crew of at least 700. (TTN novel: Fallen Gods)


The Shran-class warship was 40% longer than a Luna-class starship, hence is approximately 630 meters as the the 450m long Luna, and with 20% more beam. She possessed two and a half to three times more armaments than the Luna class, and carried a crew of seven hundred. Subsequent to Andor's secession, at least the IGW Shantherin th'Clane was painted with livery in the style of the 22nd century Imperial Guard. (TTN novel: Fallen Gods)


In November 2382, the Therin travelled to the Vela Pulsar to meet with the USS Titan, intending to deprive the Starfleet vessel of its seven Andorian crewmembers. The two ships parted without exchanging fire. (TTN novel: Fallen Gods)

Known vesselsEdit

This class was named after Andorian Commander Thy'lek Shran.



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Author Michael A. Martin based the design of the Shran-class on images of the Kumari-class battlecruiser published by Doug Drexler in his blog.[2]

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