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For other uses, see Shuttlepod One.

While investigating an asteroid field, "Trip" and Reed are convinced that the Enterprise has been destroyed and try to face their own oncoming deaths.




Jonathan ArcherTravis MayweatherPhloxMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker III
Referenced only 
CatelinZefram CochraneDeborahGodGrim ReaperHessRochelleRubySherrySupermanOld Waldo

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Enterprise (NX-01)Shuttlepod 1 (shuttlepod)
Referenced only 
escape podTesnian starship


launch bayMilky Way Galaxysickbay
Referenced only 
602 ClubFlorida KeysMalaysiaMill ValleyMontanaSan FranciscoTesnia

Races and culturesEdit

DenobulanHuman (BritItalianNorth AmericanSerbo-Croatian) • Vulcan
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Royal NavyStarfleet

Other referencesEdit

airlockair recyclerasteroidasteroid fieldblack boxblack holeboroncandlecaptainChilean sea basscomic bookcommandercommon coldcowboycrewmandaydoctorDorton's BestEcho Threeensigngashourhypothermiaimpact craterimpulse engineKentucky bourbonkilometerkisslieutenantlobsterlog entrymashed potatoesmeatloafmeteoritemicro-circuitmicro-detonatormicrosingularityminutemirrormol-kommoo goo gai panmoray eelnitrogenNobel Prizeofficeroxygenphase pistolplanetpolarized hull platingradiorationsea bassscience fictionsensorsextantslide rulespacecraftstarfishsteaksubcommandersubspace amplifiersubspace transmitterthermostattitaniumUlyssesveal marsalaviewerwarpyear


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