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Sikaris III was a planet located in the space of the galaxy's Delta Quadrants, the third planet in orbit of the Sikaris binary star system in the Sikarian sector.

Details and historyEdit

Sikaris III was the homeworld of the Sikarian civilization and the center of their state, the Sikarian Canon. The Sikarian world had a mantle layer of tetrahedral quartz that was around 20 kilometers thick, providing a unique crystalline amplification matrix which enabled the Sikarians' spatial trajector technology.

The Federation starship USS Voyager received a communication from Sikaris in the year 2371 and were invited to visit the world for shore leave by Magistrate Gathorel Labin. Labin regretted that he could not share the world's trajector technology due to a non-interference rule in the Canon of Laws that was similar to the Prime Directive. A number of Voyager crewmembers went against the orders of the magistrate and even their own captain, Kathryn Janeway, and attempted to use the trajector to advance the ship further home. (VOY episode: "Prime Factors"; ST reference: Star Charts)




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