Enochian president

President Simone of Enoch VII

Simone was an Enochian politician, who rose to the position of President of Enoch VII.

In 2370, Enoch VII fell into utter chaos after the being known as "Redjac" attacked the planet. Murder, rioting, and military insubordination plagued the streets. Then President Simone decided to send a message to the Federation, long time business partners, but not often more than that, for assistance. The Federation sent the Enterprise.

When the Redjac entity took control of the Enterprise however, Simone had to make a massive decision: to destroy the Enterprise, to make sure this entity doesn't infect other worlds like it did his. Shortly after ordering the troops from inside the top floor of his Presidential Palace to attack them, the crew regained control, and the crisis was soon averted. (TNG comic: "Embrace the Wolf")

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