The Siri were a race of crustacean-like beings that lived half a million years prior to 2381. They were approximately 1.3 meters tall with broad, mottled blue-and-brown carapaces, six multi-clawed limbs and multiple stalked eyes. They were known as gifted engineers.

They were enslaved by the Selakar, their minds held in thrall, until the Great Psionic War broke the Selakar's power over them. When some of the Selakar fled into the Axis of Time to the Axis Hub Station, some Siri were still held as their servants. Most of those seemed glad to debase themselves to Selakar like Lirahn, however, a few, including Vikei could voluntarily break free of the telepathic hold. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

By the description and time-frame, the Siri could be the unnamed race known as the Fett.

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